Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

  1. According to the implementation list for Kuwait’s Consumer Protection Law 39 / 2014 - Chapter Six: Product replacement and return regulations - Rule 24
    “1- The customer has the right to replace products or return them and be fully refunded within a time period of 14 days from the date of purchase unless there is an exception announced by the seller or the product is known to have a longer grace period”

  2. According to the implementation list for Kuwait’s Consumer Protection Law 39 / 2014 - Chapter Six: Product replacement and return regulations - Rule 25
    “The customer has no right to request a replacement or return in the following caes:
    1- If the customer knows about the problem or defect that exists in the product beforehand and it is recorded in the invoice and the customer accepted the product at such condition.
    2- The product’s nature or its packaging nature prevents it from being replaced or returned in a way which makes it impossible to resell the product unless the product contained manufacturing problems or defects that differ from the default conditions.

  3. Digits General Trading Co. is Apple Authorized Reseller and Apple Authorized Service Provider. Apple service providers provide services for Apple’s select products as per Apple’s terms, conditions and regulations of service. The original invoice has to be presented when demanding a service, replacement or return.

  4. Digits will perform covered repairs for customers on behalf of Apple in fulfillment of Apple’s obligations under one of the following cases:

    1- One Year Limited Warranty
    2- AppleCare Protection Plan
    3- AppleCare extended service

    For covered repairs, Digits will not charge for module and replacement parts together with labor and travel reimbursement in accordance with the then current labor tiers and service guidelines. All products repaired by Digits shall be free of defects in materials and workmanship and operate in accordance with specification, or as otherwise directed by Apple.

  5. Apple One (1) Year Limited Warranty: Apple warrants its hardware products against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of original retail purchase. Repairs are covered under Apple’s One Year Limited Warranty when product hardware fails due to issues with the materials or workmanship within one year of the product purchase date. Hardware failures due to customer abuse or misuse, software related issues or other exclusions as described by Apple are not covered by Apple.

  6. Non-Covered Repairs: Digits may charge customers for the parts and labor associated with non-covered repairs. Services and repairs are determined to be non-covered according to the service technician’s evaluation and inspection in accordance with Apple’s regulations.

  7. Coverage Exclusions and Invalid Claims

    Repair coverage will be denied if:

    1- A service part is burned, blown, cracked or otherwise damaged beyond repair
    2- Fictitious customer information is submitted
    3- Service part has been modified without Authorization from Apple
    4- Unauthorized modifications or damage caused by unauthorized modifications
    5- Accidental damage, abuse and acts of nature, misapplication, liquid damage or foreign substance in the subassembly is not covered
    6- Software issues are not covered by Apple and service fees may apply
    7- Non-Apple peripherals or parts or issues caused by 3rd party peripherals or parts are not covered
    8- Consumed, depleted or failed batteries due to usage are not covered and service fees may apply. Only batteries that fail due to defect during the warranty coverage period are eligible for reimbursement
    9- Screen cracks, breaks or failure due to misuse, abuse or accidents are not covered and service fees may apply
    10- Bending or deformation in the device due to misuse, abuse or accidents is not covered and service fees may apply
    11- iCloud locks and failure to login to iCloud is not covered by warranty and Digits will not offer unlocking services for iCloud as per Apple regulations

  8. Data backup and restoration is the customer’s responsibility. Digits is not responsible for loss of data associated with any of the services performed on the device

  9. The original copy of the invoice with the customer represents a warranty card and has to be presented when claiming warranty or services and the customer will pay full repairs and labor charges in case of losing it.

  10. Warranty doesn’t include or cover parts like: Printer Head - Printer Line - Internal/External device chasis - Control Buttons