Mi True Wireless Earphones (White)

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Key Features

  • Change modes and share as you like

Forget the limilations of wired earphones. when a call comes in, simply remove one of the earphones to switch to single-side conversation mode. You can even pass a headset to a friend to listen to a song together and share the rhythm.


  • Remove to pause

The integrated infrared sensors allow the earphones to know when you wear them. You can remove one of the earbuds to automatically pause, so you don't lose a second of your music and don't waste battery.


  • Advanced technology to guarantee the best sound

A full and broad spectrum sound and a naturally balanced frequency with the 7mm neodymium magnet + the titanium plated coil speaker. Enable noise canceling mode for an even more pure sound experience.


  • Realistic sound in HD quality

Mi True wireless headsets support the AAC codec, which means that the original sound is restored more completely and the voices do not blend with the instruments. Good music deserves high definition sound.


  • Double-tap for smart commands

Activate your voice assistant by double-tapping the headphones. Various voice assistant systems are supported. With ENC technology (environmental noise cancellation). your voice assistant will have no trouble hearing you in any environment.


  • Tap to unlock a completely new experience

Just a simple touch to play your music, answer a phone call or activate the voice assistant.


  • Clear calls, less background noise

Both headsets are equipped with high sensitivity microphones that effectively inhibit background noise with beamforming + ENC technology, for superior quality communication.


  • Connect quickly and start listening right away

After the first pairing with the device, the earphones automatically connect each time you extract them from the charging case. If disconnected, they reconnect automatically in 30 minutes. After 30 minutes without interaction they go into sleep mode, but you just need to wear them again to reconnect them.


  • Recharge anywhere thanks to the long battery life of the case

The earphone case has enough power to guarantee ten hours of playback. Only ten minutes of charging for 70 minutes of use, ful charge in an hour and still enough energy for two additional charges. The case uses touch-to-charge technology with Hall magnetic charging and includes a USB Type-C port. Take it with you to continue listening all day.


  • Light and Comfortable

Each individual earpiece weights only 5.8 grams and is carefully designed to fit the ear. Silicone tips help reduce external noise and improve comfort and stability for a better user experience. In addition, the earphones are IPX4 waterproof, wear them while you train without worries.


  • Lightweight case

One case to carry and recharge your earphones. In all, the case and earphones weight only 58 grams. Take it with you whereever you go and dont stop listening.


  • Compatible with iOS and Android systems

Turn on Bluettoth on your Android or iOS device to connect. Supports phones, tablets and computers.