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  • Product Details

  • [Elegant design] Just feel the leather pattern on the surface. It will give you a more luxurious experience.
  • [Powerful protection] Made out of super premium silicone rubber, araree [pops] protects your Apple airpods from not only dirt, dust & other pesky particle but also shock and scratches.
  • [Practicality] It is designed to push the button on the back of the airpods easily. Moreover, to improve the practicality of araree [pops], we provide carabiners with it.
  • [Extra Snug fit] If the cover is too thin, it will lose its protection. If it is too thick, it will become ugly. We have found the optimal thickness for a Snug fit. It does not peeled off easily because it has special coating treatment inside.
  • [How to easily remove dust] Dark color POPS can even make the dust stand out. This is not a defective product. You can easily remove it by wiping it with a wet tissue or a damp cloth.


  • You bought a silicone case for the airpods, did you regret it for its poor quality?
  • Does the silicone case peel off every time you open and close the airpods to make you angry?
  • Have you ever wasted your time looking for a pretty airpods case?


Then you have reached the page you need exactly now.

araree [POPS] silicone case for Apple airpods!


Luxurious leather pattern and stitch decoration

araree [POPS] is made of silicone but has a leather appearance. We also applied stitching to match the leather pattern. The five colors of black, forest blue, red, white, and flamingo created by araree's professional color consultants blend with leather patterns to create an unrivaled luxury. A very luxurious look will make your Apple airpods even brighter and more lovable.


Why you should get araree [POPS] silicone case for your Apple airpods.




Precise design

araree [POPS] was created exclusively for Apple airpods. araree's researchers painted the Apple airpods in 3D to create a precise model and applied silicone to cover the surface perfectly and precisely.

Optimal thickness

If the case is too thick, the appearance will fail and the grip will be poor.

Conversely, if the case is too thin, the device will not be adequately protected.

So the proper thickness is a very important point.

At the end of many trials and errors, araree researchers have found the optimal thickness to satisfy both protection and grip.

Inner special coating

Unlike other airpods cases, araree [POPS] consists of two pieces. So we applied a special coating inside to prevent the cover of the lid part from being easily peeled off. Thanks to it, you will not get rid of the lid cover unless you are forced to do so in your daily life.


safe material



The safest material

Silicone is a very safe material harmless to human body. araree has been manufacturing high quality silicone cases in Korea in consideration for your health using Apple airpods.

Easy to use

araree [POPS] embossed the pairing button to prevent any inconvenience from pressing the pairing button on the Apple airpods. Thanks to it, you can find the pairing button at the end of your hand, and you do not have to bother to press the button.

Carabiner provided

The araree [POPS] package contains high quality carabiners. You can use this carabiner to hang your favorite key chain on your airpods, or you can easily carry the airpods by hanging it on your bag.


Various color combinations

Buy colorful araree [POPS] with your beloved husband or wife, friends, and family. Combine various colors to create your own color combinations! It will give you a different feeling.


Trust your instincts - araree

araree is a manufacturer and distributor of smartphone covers and screen protectors, headquartered in Korea.

Our business, which started in 2008, started with the desire to use smart devices more conveniently and safely.

The distinctive but neat design and outstanding quality that can not be compared with other companies have become the biggest driving force that araree is loved around the world.

araree will not stop researching, developing, and endeavoring until smartphone users all over the world who do not know araree still have a convenient and safe smart life.